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We connect you with the best match. We have over 50 partner companies to help you find your caree.     


Strategic Partners

We believe our dedication to building a relationship with you is what sets us apart. To begin, we spend a great deal of time with you to fully understand what you are looking for in your next position, what makes you happy, and what you do best.


Infinite Posibilities

Finding the right job is never easy… although it might just appear, you usually have to hunt it down. At York Staffing Solutions Inc., we work with you to identify the right position for you, prepare you for the opportunity when it presents itself, and then we match your skills and experience with available positions.

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Listening is the first step towards identifying the right candidate for a specific position. Accurately assessing your specific requirements is paramount to finding the right person. This includes: becoming familiar with your business, knowing the industry, understanding the corporate culture, and appreciating the subtleties of a particular position



York Staffing Solutions Inc. does not wait for good resumes to land on our desk and file them away for the “right” client. We are actively involved in seeking out candidates that are available for specific roles and positions. Our method depends heavily on our ability to network extensively, both socially and professionally. Our most successful marketing tool by far has been word-of-mouth advertising. Our highly satisfied clients and employees, constantly refer their friends, family and others within their spheres of influence to our company.



To find the right candidates, we employ a variety of screening techniques: initial screening to ensure that the candidate is experienced and qualified. Through testing for proficiency of technical skills including behavioral scenarios. A comprehensive, face-to-face interview with a team of York Staffing Solutions advisors. We require three business references from each candidate.



Once the appropriate candidates have been selected, we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that each candidate will be a good cultural fit and can perform in the specific environment of a given position.